Gee how about that policy huh!

If I was the Labour Party strategists I would be more than a little peeved with a self-centred Chinese dickhead right now.

You are all set release your premier policy, the one that is supposed to be the catalyst that will break the strangle-hold the Opposition has on the polls and this upstart kills his wife and dumps his cute kid at a train station in Melbourne right at the wrong time.

The front page of every daily but especially the only daily in Auckland your power base has had nothing but coverage of the "Pumpkin" Case for more than a week and more set to come.

Your circuit breaker policy gets abour 5 minutes of mention and even then most people focus on the increased costs that you have just landed in their laps. What the hell are you going to talk about for the next two weeks of the parliamentary recess.

All I have to sy on that is bwahahahahahahahahahaha!!!