hard to disagree with this "policy"

Shoot ’em, says police email – New Zealand, world, sport, business & entertainment news on Stuff.co.nz

A police email sent around, with graphic photos of stab wounds to one police officer, to encourage officers to wear their stab resistant vests also makes personal statements about why dickheads who try to assault and attack coppers get shot.
[quote]”To all the idiots out there who always say, ‘Why did the cops have to shoot him? He only had a (insert your choice of weapons here, ie knife, bat, club, whatever). He didn’t have to be shot’. To that, I respond, ‘Tough crap … shoot ’em’.”[/quote]

I find it hard to disagree with that. You see it comes down to personal responsibility. There are very few people randomly shot by police strolling down the street. If however you pick up a knife or a golf club and try to have a shouting match with someone with a gun you are likely to leak copious quantities of blood through a few holes.

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