Hey Dick! Remember this?

Dick Hubbard probably doesn't remember this full page advertisement in the Herald on 19 August 2004. I do however. In the age of the internet it pays not to be a complete plonker and say things that can bite you on the ass. Unfortunately for Dick Hubbard he is a complete plonker so I thought I would bite him on the ass.

After his little hissy fit yesterday I thought I might remind Dick what he supposedly stood for, unless of course he has done another flip-flop. If he "cringed" and was "ashamed" because John Banks used the word "pathetic" then I imagine how he must feel today after calling John Banks "a silver-tongued, split-tongue, snake-oil salesman.".

To use Dick's own words from his advert in 2004, "Name calling tactics such as this have absolutely no place in modern day local body politics". How about trying to "bring a sense of respect, of community and of pride to Auckland City"?

Come on Dick, you can do better than that.

In his advert in 2004 he also said "I won't be a high profile billboard candidate. I will spend my campaign money on debating the issues and commenting on them. If your vote is based on the nature of billboard photos that see around town on street corners over the next six weeks then I am not your man!".

Good point that you raise there Dick. How come you've gone for the billboard and photos on the rear end of buses then huh? Flip-flopped on that strategy huh?

Dick Hubbard, read your own words and feel shame and cringe at what you have become.

Also note that Dick thought in 2004 that "the Mayor should be someone who can work with everyone".

Of course he didn't mean Dr Bruce Hucker. Well I mean he couldn't have, he tried to oust him and failed twice during the last term.

There is also a saying in team-building that Mayor Dick must have forgotten from his time at Hubbards Foods. "There is no "I" in Team". Of course Dick probably subscribes to the view that there is a "Me" if you look real hard.