Hubbard defiant on Metrowater

Hubbard defiant on MetrowaterA damning report accusing the Auckland City Council of misleading the public over its water policy has drawn denials from Mayor Dick Hubbard and chief executive David Rankin.
The council's description of price rises from its water…
[Auckland News]

The Dick has just committed political suicide. He is metaphorically standing there flipping the bird at the highest court in the land who has found that his Council mislead the public over its water policy. I think deceive is a much better word.

[quote]The report drew an angry response from Mr Hubbard, who said it was full
of errors and believed its release on the eve of local body voting
papers going out was politically motivated.[/quote]

Yeah, you are probaly right, even Labour and the Greens who backed you initially seem to have decided you are a right plonker when it comes to mis-managing running a city.?