Hubbard stands accused of deceiving the public

Public misled over water price rises – Parliament – 20 Sep 2007 – Local government news – NZ Herald

Fresh from his warning from the Police over his illegal signs, Mayor Dick Hubbard now stands accused along with deputy mayor Dr Bruce Hucker, chief executive David Rankin and finance general manager Andrew McKenzie of deceiving the public in the most egregious way over water charges.

The verdict was delivered by the local government and environment select committee who described the council’s description of price rises from its water company, Metrowater, as “modest” and “small” during public consultation as “misleading”.

The report, tabled in Parliament today, also said the council “abused” its ability to take charitable payments from Metrowater.

Hubbard has always defended his raiding of the Metrowater funds but now can no longer hide from the glare of public humiliation at being found so deceitful.

Hubbard will not be missed when he is soundly trounced in the coming elections.

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