Hubbard-watch: Yet another example of a Hubbard Homer moment

This just in from the gossipers around Auckland.

Dick Hubbard showed again today why he should be the ex-Mayor.

Dick is a long time member of the Auckland Rotary Club but hasn't regularly attended for months if not years. Today he all of a sudden decided to attend their regular lunchtime meeting in Auckland.

The reason? John Banks was speaking.

Now in all my years of following politics, never, ever have I seen or heard of such a thing. A political opponent going along to hear their main political competitor speak without any right of recourse.

Now Dick copped a good old fashioned pasting delivered politely and succinctly by John Banks. Meanwhile he sat there looking like the proverbial man who was sucking the sourest lemons in the world. Why on earth would he do it, is the man a fool?

I know, I know it was a rethorical question, but? really why would you??

So poor old hapless Dick had to sit there and cop a pasting then listen to one of his club members give rousing vote of thanks for his main opponent and then the rest of his club give a standing ovation all the while sitting there trying not to make his mouth look like cats bum.?

Dick's a nice guy, but unfortunately for him he is woefully ill-advised, ill-prepared and ill-equipped to continue to be the Mayor of Auckland.?