Human Rights Commission opposes EFB

I have been reading the submissions listed before the select committee which overwhelming are against the Electoral Finance Bill. As I come across very interesting ones I will post them here.

The Human Rights Commission is very interesting. They call for the bill to be either withdrawn or substantially amended.

[quote]The Commission considers that a principled approach to electoral funding needs to ensure genuine public and political consultation. Given the significance of the changes to the electoral funding regime, there is a need for an extended public participation in a more neutral environment to allow for discussion, debate and contestation of core principles. This has not happened with the proposed legislation, and the opportunity for informed authorisation has been lost. The Commission therefore recommends that the Bill is either withdrawn or substantially redrafted to reflect a better balance between
political participation and freedom of speech and controls on electoral financing.[/quote]

They contend that this bill significantly impinges our rights to Freedom of expression including the right to seek , receive and
impart information and ideas of all kinds … either orally, in writing or in print, in the form of art or through other media of his choice.

This Bill is seriously doomed as is any party that continues to promote such and egregious attack on our rights.