Is it just me?

Perhaps, but I find it very ironic that the left are rallying behind pro-democracy protesters in Burma and at the same time trying to shout down our fight to retain free speech in New Zealand.

Now at least the monks are putting their lives on the line for what they believe in, the only thing the leftist lickspittles baying at us about our stance against the Electoral Finance Bill believe in is that the left is always right especially if Helen says they are.

Not one of them has even laid out a single sane and reasoned argument as to why the EFB should be even contemplated as it stands. Not one of them has justified the egregious way in which it has been handled with no public consultation.

They just shout and scream and fail to present any logic in defense of the indefensible.

They deny any relevance to the arguments that the Human Rights Commission and the Law Society and hundreds of disparate Kiwi's from PhilU to me have provided against stinking ,dirty, corruption of a bill, the worst assault on our fundamental freedoms in a democracy we have ever seen.

Meanwhile we are all supposed to jump in line and support Burmese protestors. The only person stupider than Sonic, Tane and all the other hypocrites, who if they lived in Burma and criticised would be shot, is Winston Peters, the ultimatehypocrite.

He had this stupid thing to say;

[quote]"Myanmarese authorities must respect the legitimate right of its people to engage in peaceful protest, and refrain from unwarranted or violent acts of repression."[/quote]

Dick head, they are a Military Dictatorship, they don't respect any legitimacy or any rights, if they did they wouldn't be in charge would they.

However my complete disdain for Winston worsens when he is the poodle supporting the banning of free speech and the setting up of a register of dissenters which could very easily lead to "unwarranted acts of repression" and a search and seizure regime that smashes down normal legal processes.

If you don't believe me I give you two words as proof of the governments unwarranted acts of repression, "Exclusive Brethren".