It's not every day you get a mention in NBR

National Business Review (NBR) – Polticians will be haunted by their past on internet

I hope I don’t become a media whore, oh stuff it, why not if Farrar can why can’t I?
[quote]In a more mainstream way, for an indication of how Web 2.0 could play out, look no further than the website of Cameron Slater (son of former National party president John) who currently attends council subcommittee meetings that don’t attract any media attention and uploads digital footage (and voicemails left by mayor Dick Hubbard) along with scathing commentary.[/quote]

Wow! I’m mainstream??? Web 2.0 (better look that one up), oh and note they used a little “m” for mayor which is probably about right for the calibre of Hubbard.

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