John Armstrong: Burton left alone to field the up'n'unders

John Armstrong: Burton left alone to field the up'n'undersIs it the case that the legislation is now hopelessly tainted – or is it simply that the minister in charge of the flawed and unpalatable Electoral Finance Bill seems helplessly doomed?
Probably both. When Mark Burton gets up in…
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Labour seems intent on suicide with this bill so much so that John Armstrong says the Labour caucus avert their eyes and leave Burton to make….well….a Burton of himself in defending the indefensible Electoral Finance Bill.

Piece by piece Bill English is taking this fool apart. The best bit is I don't think he even realises it. He certainly looked a lost individual as he aimlessly wandered through Wellington airport last night, black trench coat, silly long hair and all. Mr mark "No Friends" Burton is what it looked like to me.