John Armstrong covers Labour's appalling subterfuge

John Armstrong: Heart melt mere sleight of handThe casual observer of politics could be excused for thinking that Labour has succumbed to public pressure and agreed, albeit grudgingly, to remedy the more draconian aspects of its troubled Election Finance Bill.
Labour's defence…
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After reading John Armstrongs commentary about the taudry and purposeful way Labour are trying to rort the Electoral system for their gain and only their gain, one can only come to the conclusion that this is the most corruot and morally bankrupt government in the entire parliamentary history of New Zealand.

When nation wins the next election it may have to conduct a Royal Commission into Parliamentary Corruption and actually prosecute the main players for their part in the destruction of democracy in New Zealand.

The irony is that while Helen Clark bitched about a coup at the point of a gun in Fiji, she is conducting her own coup in New Zealand at the point of corrupt legislation. It can't be far off the time when she takes to wearing green military like uniforms like Castro or her personal favourite, the now deceased Arafat.