Labour doesn't realise it yet but it has lost the Cities

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Labour today released their much vaunted Carbon reduction tax us more so we feel better about saving the planet policy, and what do we find?

Well, we find that Forestry gets its carbon credits back, but it also gets its liabilities as well. That is good from a private property rights stance. It is complete bollocks from any other stand point. Jim Anderton should stand on the steps of parliament and apologise for his stance over the years regarding this. he won't of course because he is nothing but a broken-arsed, morally bankrupt socialist who thinks he has nothing to apologise for.

Further farmers get off with any sort of liability virtually scot free despite being the single biggest industry of so called "polluters". To make matters worse transport operators, the life blood of the country for getting everything about the place cop the first flogging and then energy and heavy emitting industries.

We also find out from the mad bitch in charge that "Climate Change" is the the single greatest challenge facing the human race, akin to the challenges of averting nuclear war last century. Oh puuuleeeease, at least the Cold War was real, real bombs, real guns, real communists, real walls, real dead people, and it sure wasn't won by bullshit science and socialist taxes. The communists were defeated by bankrupting them through capitalist innovation led largely by the US and of course Ronald Reagan the greatest Republican President ever. You can count communist countries on one hand, so popular that philosophy has become.

Worse, as the Brian Leyland pointed out in the Herald this morning, our countries Energy Strategy is based upon the politically correct adherence to a made up and demonstrably false doctrine;

[quote]The NZ Energy Strategy fails to recognise that meeting our legitimate needs for energy is important, that minimising damage to our economy is important, and that it is important that we know exactly what it might cost us to satisfy the Government's obsession with man-made global warming.

The key problem is that the Government has ignored the uncertainties in the evidence claimed to support the belief that man-made global warming is real and dangerous.

The new Energy Strategy includes a chart showing that wind power costs about 7c/kWh (kilowatt-hour) and a recurring theme is that wind power is the lowest-cost generation option. Yet a recent study for the Electricity Commission shows that the real cost is in excess of 11 c/kWh. This means that a carbon price of $45 per tonne would be needed to make it competitive with conventional generation. At $45/tonne, the cost of electricity to consumers would increase by something like $1.8 billion a year – $450 for every man, woman and child in the country![/quote]

So onto my headline that Labour has lost the cities but they don't realise it yet.

Well people knock me, but I have seen the end of Muldoon and this is eerily similar. I have seen the end of Lange, Clark, Moore and co, I have seen the end days of the Bolger/Shipley years and again this is eerily similar. I have been punched by union thugs for heckling, pushed and attacked by Mark Gosche for crossing a picket line at age 18. I also have an exemption from ever joining a union but that is another story. I also happen to have lived and breathed most of my life in politics and have seen up close and personal some of the best political strategists at work right at my kitchen table.

So it is with all that anecdotal and personal experience that I say Labour has lost the cities.

They have lost the cities at a local level as we will see at the coming local body elections. The left will be decimated. People are so over Labour and anyone and anything associated with them. At a larger level they will lose Auckland, and when they lose Auckland they have lost the country. They have lost because they have decided to amongst other things to effectively ban free speech for one third of the electoral cycle.

They will lose Auckland because they treat the city with contempt, trying to ram stupid, useless public transport solutions down our throat that will never work in Auckland. They will lose because they have heaped taxes, upon taxes giving nothing in return and now finally they will lose because they have adopted the socialist cause celebre, that of "Climate Change".

All their policy has done is add further costs onto already over burdened taxpayers. Aucklanders and the rest of the cities will certainly object to the small and getting smaller rural sector getting off whilst they pay a tax for their rubbish, pay more for electricity and petrol and will now have increased costs in virtually everything because of a stupid tax, because that is what carbon trading really is, that will ultimately achieve nothing except make the government richer and the populace who vote for them poorer.

If you want some proof then check out the Stuff online poll, and even more proof at the 36 pages of opinion at the Herald. The general populacce doesn't believe this shit and the next opinion poll will show that for sure.

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