Let's tax breathing

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Viscount Monckton has some tax suggestions for the government in it’s head-long drive to tax the very air we breathe.
[quote]A tax on jogging, cycling and swimming “because sportsmen breathe out more carbon dioxide than the rest of us”.

A bread levy “because the holes in bread are made by carbon dioxide from baking powder”.

A fizzy drinks volumetric charge, calculated by counting the size and quantity of carbon dioxide bubbles emitted when the can is opened.

A Champagne “super tax”, levied at five times the fizzy drinks charge “because tax is all about making the rich poor without making the poor rich”.

Monckton said the Government was at last making real “the dream of every tyrant ? to tax the very air that we breathe”.

“From now on, every time you exhale you will be paying through the nose for it, literally as well as metaphorically,” he said.[/quote]

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