Lunch with Banksie

I just had a wonderful lunch with Banksie to catch up on his campaign and see how he was doing.

We ate at Rosehip Cafe on Gladstone Road just up from the Parnell Rose Gardens.

He had just been door knocking in Glen Innes, which is pretty tough territory for candidates like Banksie, but he said that he couldn't get over how well received he was by the people of Glen Innes. So far he has knocked on over 6000 doors and is feeling very positive about his campaign so far.

I asked him how he thought the debate at the Gay Auckland Business Association went. Banksie said he thought it went quite well and was complementary of Lisa Prager and her speech about waste and council profligracy. He thought Lisa did very well indeed which is high praise from Banksie. On his performance he said he expected a barracking and was pleasantly surprised that the audience were generally well mannered.

That was about all we could talk about because people just kept coming up to the table and wishing him the best. It was a constant stream and in all my years involved in and on the periphery of politics I have never seen this sort of encouraging behaviour to this extent.

All in all a good lunch, now to see if Steve Crow or Dick Hubbard will take me out lunch.