Matthew Hooten: Lies, damned lies: 'Nazi' election bill

MATTHEW HOOTON: Lies, damned lies: ‘Nazi’ election bill – Sunday Star-Times – Sunday Star-Times

Matthew Hooten rips Labour a new one in his latest column.
[quote] The government has resorted to outright lies to defend its Electoral Finance Bill, as it refuses to back away from its plans to restrict citizens from participating freely and transparently in our democracy.[/quote]

And he continues the lying theme further on.
[quote]According to author Nicky Hager whose views are constantly cited by Labour as justification for its bill Burton’s legislation is “something that the Nazi Party could have brought in”.

Were we living under a true social-democratic government, a minister who proposed such a bill would be fired immediately. But this is the government that gave us “20 hours free” and “carbon neutrality”. Lying is Labour’s modus operandi.[/quote]

What is chilling about the bill and the double speak surrounding it put forth by Labour ministers from Clark downwards is their attempt to decide who is “legitimate” and who isnt. This isn’t far from requiring non-legitimate groups to be identified with an armband or symbol.
[quote]Left unanswered is who is “legitimate”, what is “legitimate” speech and which government agency decides. It reveals how Clark and her henchmen have come to see the world: some people and opinions are “legitimate”, while others are not; some people trying to influence your vote are doing so “legitimately”, while others are doing so “unduly”. In Clark’s new world, if you believe things that are “legitimate”, you should be banned from saying them, under pain of the prison sentences that Burton’s bill provides for.[/quote]

Kill the Bill is really all one can say from now one. Clark et al are beyond reason.

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