Mike Moore: Next Broadside

Mike Moore: It's just doublespeakThe low fat yoghurt really hit the fan recently because of an article I wrote suggesting that the current politics of personal destruction reminded me of Muldoon.
The idea of banning published dissent for election year, a third…
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Boy oh boy this story's legs just keep on growing and growing. Mike Moore has responded with more slaps to Labour's reddening face. Jim Anderton gets the biggest serve.

This time he didn't use a shotgun, he grabbed the sniper rifle.

[quote]Jim Anderton is the designated driver in the attack plan. He's loving the attention. Most people thought he was dead or, even more fatal in politics, retired. He has not voted Labour in 20 years, not many know that Norm Kirk kicked him out of the party when he was right-wing, anti-abortion, anti-gay, and with Roger Douglas, wanted to remove the unions from the party. Then he left again as a left-winger. I didn't support Jim when he was far right or far left. [/quote]

Mike is really pissed and he give the impression he can carry on with this tit for tat baiting for quite sometime. Let's hope labour continues to focus on the silly old duffer, it is pure enjoyment. After this tirade there is at least two more weeks of enjoyment left in it.?