Not sure if this would work

Car insurance set to be compulsory – 25 Sep 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

The rationale behind making Third Party Insurance compulsory, I think, is some-what flawed.

Harry Duynhoven even contradicts himself in pushing for the proposal. First up he says they are trying to make it too costly for youngsters to keep highly modified vehicles on the streets, completely ignoring the fact that the insurance is “”third party” not for the vehicle owned by the fools. Secondly he then says existing Third Party insurance is cheap, so I am confused as to how this will get the hoons off the roads by increasing their costs.

I think it may have a beneficial effect but not in the areas the government believes. Having lived in Australia I have experienced CTPI first hand. It seems to work over there, yet they still have hoons in modded cars.

Also if a hoon can afford the mods they sure as hell can afford the insurance, but more likely they will just ignore the law thus making the law ineffective for the stated purpose. Much like the s59 rationale, this is flawed logic.

lastly the government seems to have no problem having am extensive public consultation phase for this law that is effectively a new tax for car owners yet they couldn’t see their way to opening public consultation for the Electoral Finance Bill. There is a word for that and it starts with “H”.

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