Not the start to an article I'd want

Give me another go – 29 Sep 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

There is an in depth review of Hubbard's and Banksie's mayoral bids. Unfortunately for Dick the Herald started its first sentence rather poorly.

[quote]The prize Dick Hubbard and John Banks are fighting for in the race to be Mayor of Auckland City has proved elusive. Both men are after a second chance. If Hubbard loses this election in two weeks time, he will join Banks and his predecessor, Christine Fletcher, who were voted out after three years in the job. If Banks wins, he will be the first mayor to make a comeback since Sir Dove Myer Robinson in 1968.[/quote]

The article is fair and balanced but makes no mention of Hubbard's illegal signs and improperly authorised election material.

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