O'Connor offered to resign portfolio over rugby tour

O'Connor offered to resign portfolio over rugby tourBesieged minister Damien O'Connor offered to resign his Corrections portfolio over the parliamentary rugby tour controversy, but was turned down by Prime Minister Helen Clark, he said today.
Speaking to reporters at Auckland Airport…
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O'Connor should go, but not for his rugby playing mate but for his general incompetence.

David has the supposed txt translation of the resignation.

Here's my take:

O'Conner: Yo H my bad I qwt

Helen: Yo D u r my btch 🙂 H2 wll srt u l8tr xxox

What a bunch of friggin teenagers resigning and running the country by txt. O'Conner must be a coward as well for notfacing up to the Wrath of Helen in person.

If someone txt'd me their resignation I would not accept it so I could fire them in person.?