Peters: Don't sell airport to Canadians either

Peters: Don't sell airport to Canadians eitherNew Zealand First Leader Winston Peters has spoken out against a planned Canadian bid for Auckland International Airport.
The Canada Pension Plan Investment Board confirmed this morning that it wants a 49 per cent stake in the…
[Auckland News]

So let me get this straight as your whiskey Winston. You hate all foreigners right?

You know the one thing that people like Winston and others, especially socialists who oppose selling anything can never answer straight is this.

Is it ok for New Zealand companies to buy overseas companies? If that is ok, why it not ok for overseas companies to buy NZ companies?

Oh and the real tricky one when they scream about asset sales and assets going offshore.

"Really, just how are they going to dig up XYZ asset/island/farm/building and move it to [insert country here]?"?