Silly old duffer breaks the law again

Poor old Dick Hubbard. he just can't seem to do anything right at all.

He cops a warning from the Police over his illegal signs. He argues with a parliamentary inquiry into his councils price gouging of water rates and now he continues to break the law with his election pledge card.

That's right Dick took a leaf out of Helen's book complete with the illegal acts and has his own pledge card. He and his wife hand them out wherever the poor dear goes. Most get left behind and then mrs Hubbard runs around and picks them up again to recycle them to the next group unfortunate enough to suffer through one of his stuttering and faltering waffles.

The main problem with Dick's pledge card is that he hasn't authorised it and thus breaks the law, again. The man is clearly a slow learner. I suppose he will get yet another visit from the constables.

The Pledge card is pretty hopeless so I have suggested a few alterations for "The Dick".? I hope he takes them on board.