Stuff marred by poor fact checking

Remote island marred by incest and rape needs teacher – New Zealand’s source for World News on

Pitcairn Island may be looking for a teacher and it may have been marred by incest and rape but I know for sure that none of the islands inhabitants are descended from the mutineers of the HMAS Bounty.

Hopefully, someone on the island will hire a teacher who knows what the good people at AAP don’t seem to know.

a) The Royal Australian Navy has never, ever had a ship named Bounty
b) Australia was still a colony in 1789 when the Mutiny of the Bounty happened and thus didn’t have a navy.
c) There wasn’t even a HMS Bounty either, the original Bounty was first a collier named Berthia, then it was HMAV (Her Majesty’s Armed Vessel) Bounty.
d) HMS Bounty is in fact a Klingon Bird-of-Prey commandeered by James T. Kirk in 2285.

Picky I know, but such obvious errors must be corrected.

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