The Cactus brings up some bloody good points

Cactus Kate: Close Up – Dear Leader Meets Children

Cactus Kate comments on the rather sickening little vignette from Closeup on Friday about poor unfortunate Toby who had to spend an hour with Dear Leader.

Now I am not going to cover Cactus’ points again as they are brilliant and witty without me adding to them, but I think she missed a few out.

1. Aren’t we more than a little concerned that kids at school write letters worrying about Antarctica melting when basic physics and chemistry tells us that situation will NEVER occur.

2. They’re all bleating about global warming wrapped up in polar fleece and trench coats…I would’ve thought they would be welcoming of such a brilliant invention such as global warming. It looked colder than your love for a whore when you’ve cum.

3. And while we are on about so called Global Warming, wasn’t Dear Leader opening an extension to the Airport? Isn’t she aware of how much CO2 gets released in the production of cement!!!

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