The Dick in trouble over election ads?

I've heard via the grapevine that Dick Hubbard may be in a small amount of strife over his election advertising campaign.

It appears that he has incorrectly authorised most of his ads (around $50,000 of his total $70,000 limit), and may be up for a fine.

The grapevine reports that perennial protester Penny Bright (she of the Water Pressure Group jihadists) has taken her complaint to the police over Dick Hubbard's newspaper and bus ads, plus website. The Dick has put a PO Box instead of a physical address on his ads (which the law requires), plus his website lacks any form of authorization at all!

Here are some of the examples: Hubbard newspaper ad, Hubbard bus ad, Hubbard website

I'm not sure what the cops will do, but given that it does appear that he's breached the law, he's surely up for a fine. Unless of course Helen can rush through an emergency Labour Party membershi, then the breaches will "not be in the public interest" to prosecute.