The nub of the EFB

Some days reading the comments of Sonic et al on Kiwiblog is sheer torture, other days they get their ass handed to them on a plate. With the debate over the Electoral Finance Bill they are standing there, bless their socialist souls, trying to defend the indefensible. roger nome copped a complete flogging by demanding that posters name just one lobby group with more than 6000 members and then goes on to do just that immediately after.

[quote]What a load of twadle PaulL – Name me one "activist group" (not unions) in NZ with 6,000 members. They simply don't exist. (greenpeace may be an exception to the rule).[/quote]

He then gets his ass handed to him with various posters pointing out the bleeding obvious like the AA with 1.5 million members, Scouting NZ, The EMA with 7200 members, NZ Golf, Bowls NZ, The Rugby Union, Forest and Bird (who spent $500,000 last year on communications), Rotary, Ngai Tahu, Taninui, Ngati Whatua and on and on. roger nome of course dismisses all of these as not activist groups, but that of course is obfuscation because the Bill most certainly does cover these groups because it is easily foreseeable that any one of those groups may wish to lobby on behalf of their members, for example the AA may wish to promote more spending on Roading intiatives but will be prevented from doing so because naturally one party or even one candidate may have taken a position on roading provision, so the AA now has to register, name someone who can go to jail for them if they break the law, not to mention now also submit their HQ to draconian search and seizure rules that the Police can only dribble at presently.

Finally when you think you can take no more of the socialist dribble along come an infrequent poster who makes it all that much enjoyable by getting down to the nub of the matter.

[quote]Linda Reid Says :

We each get one vote. And I want to know as much as possible about the issues – and I'll read info from any source – as long as I know where's it's from. I can then make up my mind who to vote for.
What the EFB does is to try to remove or limit my access to the information and points of view from people who are not already in Parliament.
If a third party can make a good case for or against a particular issue or party, then it may well change my mind about who to vote for.
And what's wrong with that? If we have to get our information through ?official' channels, we will be very poorly informed.
If some poor sucker wants to spend $1M trying to make me vote for the corrupt crowd who represent Labour, then they are wasting their money. But I defend their right to spend their money having a go.[/quote]

And that ladies and gentlemen is why the Electoral Finance Bill is just so wrong. But hey, Labour can make my day and pass it.