This has all the hallmarks of a Labour Party put up

English: Attack on my son disgusting – 26 Sep 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Bill English has been attacked by GayNZ, but not directly.

They have dragged his 14 year old son into their dislike of Bill English, They have alleged that his son posted homophobic comments on Bebo.

As someone who is constantly attacked for who his father is I can sympathise with Bill (which is something I have not been known to since 2002) and his son. But really this is disgusting an quite pathetic to bring the opinions of a 14 year old boy into debate. How many other 14 year olds have had their comments splashed all over the news….none, why because their father isn’t a political target.

It was Muldoon that said to a young John Banks when he first stood for parliament and told the party that his parents both had less than desirable histories, “It’s the father not the boy, sins of the father nothing to do with the boy”.

That is where GayNZ should have left it when they were given this “dirt” by some leftist Labour lickspittle. Labour have so far this year failed to do anything to dent National’s lead and that is why we are starting to see concerted and deliberate attempts at smearing.

I am quite sure that National MP’s will not retaliate but I am not an MP and not so constrained. Oh and I haven’t finished with Mallard yet and his hypocrisy.

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