TV3 Poll, Labour well behind, Nats still in front

TV3's latest poll continues the trend of Labour falling way behind National.? In this poll, the one the Prime Minister relies upon for her confidence, they lag 10 points behind National. The public love affair with Clark is well and truly over with her preferred Prime Minister status, the only thing Labour used to hang onto for solace, also shows her support on the wane, falling a further 3 points.

Poll Results:

National: 47%

Labour: 37%

Greens: 7%

Maori: 1.8%

Winston First: 3.2%

ACT: 1.5%

United Future: 0.1%


Key: 32% up 1

Clark: 28 down 3

Clark thinks it all "just margin of error stuff" and "National are still struggling" Yeah right. Bitch!.