We may as well disband the Police

I don't know why we don't bother having a Police farce force. they don't bother to prosecute prima facie criminals, its too hard to open the boot of a car, have unresolved employment issues outstanding for three years and ticking, and now they won't enforce court orders.

Is it any wonder that wonder women question the effectiveness of protection orders and confidence in the Police is at an all time low?

From the Herald on the 7th September.

[quote]Police are trying to calm tensions after James Takamore's wife, Denise Clarke, was granted the legal right to have his body returned to her.

Speaking at the marae, Mr Te Rupe said anyone who tried to uplift Mr Takamore's remains would meet resistance. "They'll have a fight on their hands," he vowed."[/quote]

At this stage the local police were saying they would try to "negotiate" a peaceful resolution to the standoff, an admirable stance to try and avoid any violence, but why negotiate? They have a court order to enforce. Go in and dig the body up and take it back to Christchurch and arrest and charge anyone who gets in the way. Quite simple really.

This was on mentioned on DPFs' blog, at the time with a resulting ton of comments.

In Todays' Herald.
[quote]Eastern Bay of Plenty police would refuse to exhume James Takamore's body if asked to enforce the exhumation permit obtained by his partner, a police source says.

The source said officers in the eastern Bay would refuse to exhume his remains because they did not want to be "the meat in the sandwich. At the end of the day, most of us would actually refuse on cultural grounds.[/quote]

Ok, so now we have the situation where there is obviously an impasse and the body can't be exhumed without some sort of confrontation, So, rather than enforce a court order the local police just refuse to do it. The judge in Christchurch should charge the police with contempt of court then order the Army to protect the soft-cock Police to enforce the court order

If this case isn't pursued and the court order isn't enforced it will be a watershed, and arguably the end of the Police farce force because a precedent will have be set allowing bullshit made-up "cultural practices" to be outside the law. WTF is up with our police farce force, allowing themeselves to be cowed by threats of violence???

I think we need to re-think our Police farce force, I think we need to put Sheriff Joe on the case as well as Corrections.