What next? Yellow stars?

MATTHEW HOOTON: What next? Yellow stars? – Sunday Star-Times – Sunday Star-Times

Let’s try something shal we?

Let’s substitute the words Exclusive Brethren with one word, Jews. Then let’s re-read the Labour Party words on the Electoral Finance Bill.

Matthew Hooton says as much in his column in the SST. Labour are passing a law because someone dared to spend their own money opposing them.

Imagine if Steve Maharey had said this “The intention of (the Electoral Finance Bill) is to capture people like the Jews, not the Catholic Church.” or Michael Cullen has said this “…amend the bill so that the Catholic Church’s planned anti-poverty campaign would be allowed to proceed, on the grounds that it would support Labour’s Working for Families policy, in contrast to something the Jews might say.”

Think I am over-reacting? Think again because that is where the Electoral Finance Bill is heading in trying to define “legitimate” third parties and “illegitimate” third parties.

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