Aaron's Top Ten of the campaign

Aaron Bhatnagar for Hobson 2007: Campaign moments

Aaron Bhatnagar has written a “Top Ten” for the campaign. He actually has two “Top Ten’s”. One for Blunders, Hiccups and lowlights and another for Highlights amusements and successes.

Strangely he hasn’t mentioned Hubbard’s foolish phone message to Cameron Brewer about the length of Queen Street, which incidentally, in case Dick is reading this, isn’t seven times the length of Broadway. (pay the million, Dick, pay the million).

As you may have already guessed soon to be ex-Mayor Hubbard features highly in the Blunders, Hiccups and Lowlights grabbing 5 of the awards by Aaron including the number 1 spot. Alex Swney came a close second.

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