Accountants slay Electoral Finance Bill

From Friday's NBR is an editorial and an article that shows how fatally flawed the bill is. One of the key clauses, the requirement of audited accounts is unenforceable and unmanageable.

With that clause being unenforceable it effectively makes the Bill a "Dead Bill Walking" .?

[quote]In summary, the Bill mandates audits that will not serve any usefull purpose; will add greatly to electoral costs; and will result in a large number of qualified audits, threby eording public confidence in the electoral system."[/quote]

That is directly from the submission of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. That makes significant opposition to the bill almost complete from professionals. the law Society, The Human Rights Commission and now the Institute of Chartered Accountants are all saying "Kill the Bill".

Why then does the Justice Minister continue with this farce of a bill in the face of some so the most qualified criticism of a such a fatally flawed bill? Why indeed?, it surely must be the most pathological adherence to political doctrine since Michael Cullen developed his allergy to tax cuts.

The only supporters of this bill are now Labour, it's poodle parties, United Future (and they are wavering) and NZ First, the Greens and the most rabid left wing supporters in the blogosphere who can be counted on one hand.?

Kill the Bill.?