Auckland City Council Swearing in

Banks is back in the chain gangAfter a three-year "cold shower", an avowedly softer, gentler John Banks reclaimed the golden chains of Auckland's mayoral office last night.
Talking of the humbling experience, Mr Banks said the voters had given him another opportunity…
[Auckland News]

I attended the swearing in ceremony last night of the new Auckland City Council. It was great to see the results of the campaign finally.

After Banksie's swearing in they moved on to the councillors and Aaron Bhatnagar was the second to be sworn in as they progressed aplhabetically through the 19 councillors. Leila Boule looked all puss faced when it came to her turn and then snubbed the photo opportunity with the new Mayor. Utter petulance on her part.

Once some rather boring business was attended to it came to the selection of Deputy Mayor. David Hay was nominated and then Glenda Fryer decidied that the humiliation of the election wasn't enough and decided to add some more humiliation by nominating Richard Northey. The vote by show of hands was another resounding defeat for Northey and Fryer and they both looked a little ashamed and rather stupid for pulling their little stunt.

All in all a great night for the centre right and a great function. Well done Banksie and well done to my mate Aaron and the other C&R team members.?