Banks: Tank Farm a high-rise 'lemon'

Banks: Tank Farm a high-rise 'lemon'John Banks says plans for the Tank Farm are hideous and is promising a five-storey limit on buildings at the 35ha waterfront development.
Mr Banks, who is leading the race for the Auckland City mayoralty, last night slammed the…
[Auckland News]

John Banks seized the moral high ground last night in the last mayoral debate of the campaign. He announced that he thought the Tank Farm proposals were a lemon and promised that if he becomes Mayor then no building will be taller than 5 stories.?

Mayor Hubbard was caught unawares and stood there blinking quickly as he engaged his brain, clearly though he missed a gear and stuttered and spluttered a defense of the current 14 story proposals. He would have lost the audience in St Mary's Bay right there and then.

John Banks also stole more of the high ground when he said this;

[quote]"I'm not going to be told by the rich and powerful developers that they
can have 14-storey buildings on the Tank Farm. I'm proposing five
storeys, max"[/quote]

Whoops, I think Dick probably thought that was his line as of right. John Banks has certainly run a savvy campaign, he has avoided personality politics and tamed his caustic wit, meanwhile it is Dick Hubbard who is looking bitter as he continues to attack and denigrate his main opponent despite promising not to engage in such actions in 2004.?