Banksie in the East and Bays Courier

Banks describes his life as average – Auckland news on

There is a good article on the new mayor in the East and Bays Courier.

[quote] But beneath the exterior is the husband, father, and son who has dedicated the bigger picture of his life's work to 'balancing the family ledger'.

"Young people in this country must know that this is truly a country of opportunity, where everyone born has the chance to be successful. No matter what your circumstances, you can go to bed each night as a good citizen, having made a difference."[/quote]

Nice quote Banksie. The article covers Banksies humble and turbulent early life as well.
Some interesting snippets;

  • Banksie's pet name for his daughter is Weasel.
  • Banksie's first job was collecting bottles and cashing them in.
  • At 17 both of his parents were in the slammer.

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