Banksie upsets the socialists at the DomPost

Editorial: Banksie barks and we all suffer – Opinion – Dominion Post

Nothing is worse than a poor loser, Dick Hubbard to his credit has managed to avoid being such, the same can’t be said for the socialist cry-baby editor at the DomPost who waste many column inches having a whinge about John Banks.

Go cry me a river, Aucklanders are sick and tired of funding other peoples pipe dreams and have voted in a Mayor who will look after the interests of the city. In typical Wellingtonian busybody fashion the Dompost has also neglected to observe that Auckland has several cities that would benefit from the World Cup and only one was being forced to put its hands into its pockets. That situation was and still is untenable.

Judith Tizard should also get the sack. Her outburst that Auckland could lose the final is an act of treason for someone who is supposed to be the Minister for Auckland Issues. The sad, sorry fact is the Minister Judith is the worst person for the job as she is the second highest spender on airfare meaning she isn’t often in the city she purports to represent.

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