Bye bye Judith, you didn't do anything anyway

Goodbye Judith – I don’t need you, says Banks – 01 Nov 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

Banksie has stuck it to Judith Tizard after she caused the dis-establishment of the Auckland Issues Minister through her distinct lack of interest in anything resembling work.

Clearly Judith has either solved all the issues or she was so completely inept that Labour has decided quietly to abandon Auckland after the complete thrashing that was dished out in the Local Body Elections. In fact you could almost say the dis-establishment of the position is step one in the revenge of labour against the city that refused to buckle under socialist dogma. If Judith’s threats are to be believed step two will be to give the World Cup final to Christchurch.

I think the Prime Minister used the wrong word when she described Judith as “tireless”, perhaps she meant tiresome?

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