Clark sceptical despite assurances on Fiji elections

Clark sceptical despite assurances on Fiji electionsHelen Clark welcomed the commitment by Fiji to hold elections by March 2009, but did not resile from her criticism of coup leader Frank Bainimarama attending the Pacific leaders forum.
"There was nothing that he said that one could…
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Dear Omelette is trying to salvage a victory from her embarassment at the Pacific Forum. Now she is trying to hang her hat on the fact that the Commodore has reiterated what he has said already to the EU over two weeks ago.

The simple fact is that Dear Omelette has tried her condescending, nanny knows best atrtitude on with Pacific nation far too much and they are over her much the same as New Zealand is over her.

If she bothered to consult wider than desk she would find that the vast majority of Fijians actually support Frank Bainimarama. Perhaps she should start catching cabs and talking with Fijian Indian cab drivers instead of poncy chaffeurs. I did yesterday and heard in no uncertain terms that most if not all Fijian Indians think the Commodore is just fine thank you very much and that helen should keep her nose out of Fiji and how great it was that the corrupt Great Council of Chief's power was finally broken.

Dear Omelette's hypocritical attitude over Fiji is in stark contrast to reactions over China, Pakistan, Thailand and now Burma. Why does she soft soap all of them but take the hard line against Fiji? Is there a journalist who can ask the hard questions?