Clark the hypocrite

Helen Clark is a hypocrite, she is attempting to minimise the distraction that Ducky has provided to her vaunted refreshing of the faces. Now she has reacted in her usual nasty petulant fashion after hearing that Rodney Hide has laid a privlege complaint with the speaker.The Speaker for her part is trying desperately to avoid having to do anything with regards to Ducky. She at first claimed that she didn't have jursidiction over the corridors, then when the errors of her ways were pointed out to her has now decided to postpone the inevitable by taking the matter under advisement because of the technicality that the complaint was not received on the day the incident took place. Rodney Hide has not be swayed though and is not backing down.

[quote]The Prime Minister said she was "absolutely staggered" to hear Act leader Rodney Hide's comments on the matter.

"Rodney Hide, the very same person who was one of the members of
Parliament who refused to vote to try to stop our young children
getting thrashed."[/quote]

Not the same thing you disingenuous cow!

The problem Clark has is that she has egged Trevor on. When he threatened Veron Pugh of the IRB with a Heineken bottle up the butt she said "Oh thats just Trevor", when he bashed Bob Clarkson with a folder she again minimised the issue and she sat there grinning as Ducky went nuclear with Don Brash. Well he tried it on once too many time with Tau and has ended up in mess of his own making and of CLarks making as well.

Clark has also tried to minimise the impact of a police investigation into the matter by saying that the government doesn't direct police operations….that's a Tui billboard for sure. Of course Mallard is well protected as he is member of the Labour Party, the best protection money can buy from prosecution. The police no doubt will find that despite the prima facie evidence of an assault on an MP that it is not in the public interest to pursue a prosecution. The person I worry for Tau Henare, he isn't a Labour Party member and in defending imself he also committed an assault. The Police will probably charge him now.