Clark wants race based constitution kept

Constitution talk rocks Pacific forum – 19 Oct 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

At the Pacific Forum, Helen Clark has suffered embarrassment like she has never experienced and now she appears to be losing the plot.

Commodore Frank Bainimarama has said ne wishes to change the constitution of Fiji to remove race based voting, where Fijians get two votes, one general vote and then another vote for Fijian only seats. The Commodore want to make the system one person, one vote.

Hardly seems like a problem, you would think, except Clark says that she is opposed to “shonky” changes to the existing constitution.

One is left with the only impression that can be gained from this, that Clark is a racist and wishes Fiji to entrench a corrupt race based constitution.

If such a scheme was even attempted to be implemented here the hows of outrage would only be drowned out by the feet of the masses marching in the streets. Somehow though it is supposed to be of vast importance to keep a constitution that in the first place came about at the point of a gun designed to maintain the corrupt power of the Great Council of Chiefs.

The Commodore, instead of attracting opprobrium, should in fact be offered the vast legal talents that New Zealand can offer in order to amend their constitution and bring Fiji to true democracy. Oh and while they are at it they could craft one for New Zealand as well.

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