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Craig Ranapia is on fire, that is so going to be a video.
[quote]Craig Ranapia Says:
October 26th, 2007 at 8:48 am

How about a bit of restorative justice – our Parliamentarians could get together and do a public service announcement on behalf of the Campaign Against Political Violence.

?It?s not OK to say, ?He was asking for it?.

?Or to scream abuse at someone across the Chamber, because you?re too stupid to get attention any other way.

?It?s not OK to control people through harassment and intimidation.

?Or think you can demand someone?s respect and attention just because you put the letters MP after your name.

?It?s not OK to tell lies about people who can?t respond in kind, while hiding under the protection of parliamentary privilege.

?It?s not OK to teach your kids that all of the above is the way to get what you want.

?It?s not OK to bring your personal bullshit to work.

?Or think you can work out your frustrations with your fists.

?It?s not OK to preach one standard of conduct and accountability to civil servants?

??and Police officers?

?? and teachers?

??and parents?

??and sportsmen and women?

??and health professionals?

??and not walk the talk.

?It?s not OK to say it?s just part of being a politician.

?Or use your gender as an excuse for what you know is wrong.

?And it?s not OK for Helen Clark and John Key to say it?s not their problem when their attack dogs go feral. Or send out spin doctors to enable or blur the message that such conduct is absolutely, unconditionally unacceptable.

?But it is OK to just grow up and own your own shit.?[/quote]

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