Could Labour suffer a backlash from singles?

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There is a stoush going on at the moment about how better off we are under Labour. Just the other day David Farrar showed emphatically that despite all the rhetoric we are no better off under Labour an now National has released figures that show that despite increased wages the impact of taxation and inflation have robbed the average worker of all but $500 of the increased $10,000.

Labour has reacted by producing their own figures and surprise, surprise they show we are better off, BUT only if you have children.
It begs the question now though, Are Labour alienating the non-breeders by favouring Breeders?

This may well be the case. As student leave University and their cossetted from reality lifestyle subsidised by the taxpayer they meet the cold hard reality of paying taxes and seeing those taxes be funnelled into other peoples children through tax cuts tax credits Working for Families. They see that the only was to get a tax cut tax credit Welfare is to become a breeder, something they have assiduously avoided for quite sometime.

This for sure is going to bring retaliation upon the government.

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