Cullen hints at tax cuts next year

Cullen hints at tax cuts next yearThe political heat is back on Labour to cut personal tax rates after the Government racked up an $8.7 billion surplus – leaving Finance Minister Michael Cullen with plenty of money to woo voters at next year's election.
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The theft continues as Clark and Cullen build up the kitty for massive bribes next year. Cullen is already hinting at tax cuts but how can anyone take him seriously. He annouced 4 rules that would need to happen before tax cuts were to be taken seriously. unfortunately for Cullen he left out the fifth and sixth secret rules. The fifth rule being to only announce tax cuts in election year and the sixth to cancel them the year after.

The Herald editorial calls for tax cuts, the Dominion Post also gets into Cullen over his obscenely large surplus. Finally if for some unknown reason you haven't worked out that Labour thinks it has the unfettered right to steal then spend your money as you see fit there is a post from Jordan Carter, Labour's blogosphere sychophant, about how large surplus' allow for increased Government spending on public services. I mean the cheek of the fellow, Labour has taken over $33,000,000,000 more tax from us over the last 3 years than it needed to operate the economy, even with their bloated and wasteful increased spending. It is patently obvious to all but the blinkered and sychophantic left that tax cuts are not only affordable but also emminently sensible.

Socialists of course believe the mantra that tax cuts cost money when all the evidence the world over is that cutting taxes actually increases government revenue. Cutting taxes is no costing money from the government it is simply taking less from the pockets of the taxpayers and until labour understands that it will continue to rape and pillage Kiwi wallets.