Dear Leader blasts Peters and Maori Party

PM blasts Peters and Maori PartyPrime Minister Helen Clark has criticised Winston Peters' use of the word "apartheid" to describe the Maori Party and protests against police terror raids.
But the New Zealand First leader is standing by his description, saying…
[NZ Politics]

Apparently we are not allowed to use the word "apartheid", a banned word in Helegrad. It is banned because Dear Leader say so and because Dear Leader says that "here is nothing like apartheid in New Zealand. It was a unique,
repulsive, institutionalised system of discrimination against people
who were not European. That is not New Zealand."

Except let's analyse what the Bilious Bitch has said. "Institutionalised system of discrimination". Gee, couldn't that be used to describe the Maori Seats, where only Maori can stand and only Maori can vote and only Maori can be on the roll? What about the Waitangi Tribunal, isn't that institutional and based on discrimination against everyone but Maori? How about Te Puni Kokiri? A Minister of Maori Affairs? Maori Television?

Note this down, I agree with W…Wi….Win….Winston……there I've said it.

As for her disdain for the Maori Party, lest we forget her famous "Last Cab off the Rank" comment.?