Ducky: Summary of Opinion

Editorial: Looking like a fool is punishment enough – 27 Oct 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

The Herald Editorial takes the soft-cock option and says that;
[quote]Mr Mallard’s obvious and deserved embarrassment is the only punishment he needs. He has let himself down more than Helen Clark could do. Let it rest there.[/quote]
Uhmm…sorry Mr Herald Editor you’ve missed the point.

John Armstrong: Mallard about to get plucked? – 27 Oct 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald

John Armstrong explores a little bit of history in his piece then cuts to the chase;
[quote]For throwing a punch, Mallard, as a minimum, should lose his Sports portfolio and be demoted to the end of Labour’s front bench. The Prime Minister could even drop him from the front bench altogether, opening up another prized slot to fill in next week’s reshuffle following Steve Maharey’s exit.

Lucky Helen Clark. Her colleagues seem to be falling over each other to make what is a crucial reshuffle for Labour far easier to expedite.[/quote]

Fran O’Sullivan: Time for Clark to savage Mallard – 27 Oct 2007 – Political News – New Zealand Herald
Honorary “right wing blogger” Fran O’Sullivan doesn’t pull her punches. She gets into Clark and into Ducky in a big way noting at the same time the role of the blogosphere in keeping the pressure on Ducky despite his attempts to spin his dalliances to a pliant Press Gallery.
[quote]Prime Minister Helen Clark faces one of her strongest tests: Does she have it in her to “put down” her favourite attack dog for physically assaulting a National opponent, or does she simply push Trevor Mallard back into the the kennel until he remembers how to act without a choke chain?

Clark’s spinners have put it about that the seventh-ranked minister will lose his front-bench position in next week’s Cabinet reshuffle along with some prize portfolios as punishment for punching National MP Tau Henare outside Parliament’s debating chamber.

But that sanction does not really cut the mustard considering the hard-hearted fashion with which she has dealt with other errant ministers – some of whom were also under obvious pressure from issues in their personal lives which contributed to their transgressions.[/quote]

Fran helpfully listed the ministers that clark has previously sacked and also camments that the Prime Minister should perhaps reflect on her role in the undoing of Ducky.

For the record, here is the Clark ministry Hall of Shame;
Dover Samuels (unsubstantiated kiddy fiddling)
Marian Hobbs (double dipping)
Phillida Bunkle (double dipping)
Ruth Dyson (drunk driving)
Harry Duynhoven (not even a Kiwi)
Lianne Dalziel (lying to journalists)
Tariana Turia (sacked for opposing the Foreshore confiscation)
John Tamihere (calling Clark et al “front bums”)
el Jefe Philip Field (Corruption)
David Benson-Pope (lying)

Lastly Fran lays down a challenge to Dear Leader.
[quote]Clark should stand down Mallard from Cabinet until after the election. If she can’t bring herself to do that, it’s probably time for a new dog handler.[/quote]
Phil Goff must be salivating at the prospect.

Editorial: Regrets, they’ve had a few – Opinion – Dominion Post
The DomPost editorial takes a scientific view of regret for ones actions but slip the knife in a little to Clark.
[quote]What would Testosterone Man Trevor Mallard not give to be able to take back the punch he landed on Tau Henare’s jaw after summoning him to the parliamentary equivalent of the back of the school bikesheds – the lobbies – on Wednesday evening? What would Helen Clark not give to relive her blue period when she signed paintings and drawings produced by others?[/quote]

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