Electoral Finance Bill, Dunne Deal?

Keeping Stock: The EFB – Dunne Deal or No Dunne Deal?

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There’s a very interesting opinion piece on page B5 of this morning’s Dominion Post (but invisible on the Stuff website as at the time I blogged on this). Written by Peter Dunne, it is headed “Bill Requires Radical Rewrite”. Whilst Dunne acknowledges the need for electoral reform (as pretty much all of us do), he mounts a very strong argument that the EFB, and particularly the third-party restrictions are far too extreme.

When, in his conclusion, Dunne stated that unless the Bill as it currently stand is radically redrafted, Labour risks not having the support to pass it my antennae shot up! The Bill currently sits with the Justice and Electoral Select Committee, and in a question to the Chairperson yesterday, National MP Chris Finlayson got a response from Lynne Pillay that the SC had set aside 4 hours to consider the EFB at its next meeting. Is this where Dunne will make his “power-play”?

At present, Labour, with the support of the Greens and NZ First has the numbers to pass the EFB into law, with or without United Future. However, the balance of power in the Select Committee is different, and a change of heart by Dunne, telegraphed by today’s article, could be enough to stop the EFB being referred back to the full House with minimal or cosmetic changes. Certainly, the government could over-ride the Select Committee and push on regardless, but it would be a very risky strategy given the widespread opposition to the Bill. I will certainly be writing to Peter Dunne urging him to use his vote in the Select Committee wisely, to ensure that the “radical rewrite” of the EFB he has written about today takes place. In the meantime, still looking for that link!

UPDATE 1.45pm:

Cheers Anonymous for this link to the article on the United Future site:


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