Finally a Student Union that does what it is supposed to

Yesterday I spent a quite considerable amount of time reviewing all of the non-individual submissions on the Electoral Finance Bill.

One submission amongst the other that stood out for me was the submission from the Albany Students Association. It differed significantly from all the other student unions in that it alone opposed the Electoral Finance Bill. This was perplexing to say the least. Well now I know why it was different;

[quote]As the person who wrote the submission for Albany Students' Association I appreciate your comments. My view is that

the other student associations just followed the version put out by the New Zealand Union of Students' Associations.

Lazy? Perhaps, and they didn't really take the time as I did to canvas a range of opinions and the contents of the Bill.

My issue is from a student association's point of view is that we would be prevented from spending any of our member's money if they so directed us, nor could we work together with other associations here in Auckland. In addition, our national body could not campaign next year for student issues. Unfortunately I think NZUSA may have gotten sidetracked on the donation matter.

The funny thing is that this submission was no different to my personal one except that focused on Christians for which I was terms a "fundamentalist nutter"[/quote]

Wow, who would have thought that a student union would actually canvas its members and gain a consensus rather than following the orders from the politburo. I commend Michael Wynd and hereby make him an honorary member of the Compuslsory Blogger Union.