Four simple questions and Dick can't be bothered

Dick Hubbard has clearly lost interest in the mayoralty. Why? Well because he couldn't even be bothered responding to four simple questions asked by the East & Bays Courier along with Steve Crow and Alex Swney. All other candidates have answered the four questions about their vision for Auckland. the three mentioned above did not respond.

I guess that tell us a great deal about their vision when it is too hard to answer four simple questions. A quick check of the circulation details for the East & Bays Courier shows that it is delivered to 48,000 homes in the Eastern Bays area of Auckland City.

Speaking of Alex Swney, I hear that the Black Widow of New Zealand politics put ona Wine and Cheese function for Alex over at Waiheke. Word has it that only 15 turned up for the free plonk and cheese. If you count Me-chelle and her hubby, Alex and his lickspittle that means that of the fifteen only 11 people turned up for the free plonk. Not even the bludgers of Waiheke could be bothered turning up for free booze and to listen to the cackling of Me-chelle and Alex.