Happy Birthday Republic of China

Today is the recognised birthday of the Republic of China. The establishment of Republican China developed out of the Wuchang Uprising against the Qing Dynasty on October 10, 1911 and it is this date that is recognised as the birth date of the Republic of China.

The Republic of China was fully established on January 1, 1912, replacing the Qing Dynasty and ending over two thousand years of imperial rule in China. It is the oldest surviving republic in East Asia.

Contrary to what the Communist Chinese would have us believe, The Republic of China was one of the victorious powers of World War II and a founding member of the United Nations.Originally, it encompassed all of mainland China before the Kuomintang (KMT) lost control of the mainland to the Communist Party of China at the ceasefire of major hostilities of the Chinese Civil War in 1950.

Ironically now the Republic of China struggles to gain official international recognition because the Communist Chinese refuse to have diplomatic relations with any nation that recognizes
the ROC, and requires all nations that it has diplomatic relations with to make a statement recognizing its claims to Taiwan, which shamefully includes New Zealand.The republic of China was tossed out of the United Nations despite being a founding member. The Republic of China still remains outside of the United Nations umbrella despite many application to re-join. Funnily enough the ROC is one of the few true democracies in Asia putting to shame other more illustrious members of the United Nations.

As recently as 23 July 2007, the UN Secretary general Ban Ki-moon rejected Taiwan's membership bid to ?join the UN under the name of Taiwan? citing its adherence to the One China policy which agreed under the UN Resolution 2758 to acknowledge Taiwan as a part of China.

It is way past time to recognise the Republic of China's right to join the United Nations. it has a far more legitimate right to join than many African nations and the plethora of former Soviet Client states that now infest the place.

Happy Birthday, Republic of China

p.s. Mr Ambassador from The PRC, don't bother calling to complain, I won't be cowed by the likes of you.