Henare 1 – Duckman 0

Mallard and Henare in punch-up – 25 Oct 2007 – NZ Herald: New Zealand National news

Mallard has lost the plot. He is now trying to put into action his reputation for being a bully-boy for real with Tau Henare.
Mallard is said to have lost his little episode of fisticuffs in Parliaments corridors with Henare getting in a few good hits after Mallard slapped him first. Mallard has had to resort to the whining of Cullen to try to hush it up but has failed spectacularly on that front.

Remember that this isn't the first time that mallard has assaukted someone in the precincts of parliament, he bashed Bob Clarkson over the head with a folder. Certainly this is conduct unbecoming for a Minister of the Crown. Mallard clearly has anger management issues. Looks like Clark just got another vacancy to fill.

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