Hubbard bus signs under scrutiny

Hubbard bus signs under scrutinyA key strategy of Auckland City Mayor Dick Hubbard's election campaign – mobile billboards on the back of buses – is under scrutiny after complaints it breaches the council's bylaw for election signs.
Mr Hubbard is adamant the…
[Auckland News]

As first revealed by moi, Hbbard's bus signs break the council's own by-laws. For some inexplicable reason the council officers are taking a "benign attitude" to the signs.

It is clear from the by-laws that The Dick's sign are unlawful. He should face prosecution. The Police have also warned The Dick of a "technical" breach of Electoral Laws. WTF is that? Is it a breach or isn't it? What is the point of having laws if people break them without fear of penalty or prosecution.

In Manukau around my area most election signs for Mayor and for Council are actually not technically breaking the law. At least the Herald photographers know what is happening in Auckland even if the council officers are still hedging their bets,